Preventing Rush Amnesia with Evernote Hello

During recruitment, we meet hundreds of people. We learn hundreds of names, faces, majors, interests, and more. Unless you have a photographic memory, it’s near impossible to remember it all.

And that’s where Evernote Hello comes in.

Evernote Hello, an app for iOS and Android, seeks to help you remember people by “creating a rich, browsable history of individuals, encounters and shared experiences.” I’ve been using Evernote Hello for a few weeks now to help me remember the people I meet, and I can say with certainty that it would be a valuable tool for any chapter’s recruitment arsenal.

For more information on Evernote Hello, visit Evernote’s website and check out the video below.

Posted by Dylan Staley (@dstaley), Designer, on behalf of the Development team

ChapterSpot on the Road: Part I

Last week part of the ChapterSpot team ventured to the desert of Palm Springs, California for the Fraternity Executives Association (FEA).  It was Sam and my first time at the event and ChapterSpot’s second time attending the conference.  With such beautiful scenery, and so many people to meet, there was no way we were going to let the 115 degree heat get us down.  We spent a few days promoting and mingling. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many different people and hope they enjoyed seeing all of the new features ChapterSpot has to offer.  We were so excited from the feedback we received of how we have grown as a company and how we continue to improve our products.  We were pleased to hear such excited responses after showing attendees the new mobile app and web interface.

We can’t exactly say our trip to FEA was all business…we got to see guest speakers, play tennis, and most excitingly go to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway (the world’s largest rotating aerial tramway).  The tram took us up 8,500ft high to a beautiful look out point.  We walked a couple of the hiking trails that were marked with lookout “notches” every so often.  Although the ride was on the scary side, I’d say the views were well worth it-they were some of the most beautiful views I’ve seen since my days hiking in Pictured Rocks, Michigan.

So all in all it was a great trip. To describe FEA and the attendees in one word, it would be community.  Not only were the strong bonds between participants more than apparent, but also the sense of dedication and belonging was universal.  Although participants may have different letters on their shirts, they were all part of a bigger community that served a PURPOSE. We left Palm Springs feeling inspired to continue and develop a system that will keep these connections strong for years to come. Until next time!






















Don’t Let Your Fraternity/Sorority Website Look Out of Date

The web is littered with a out-of-date fraternity websites. Take a moment to look up the websites of the other chapters at your university – they’re likely to be out of date. You’ll see mentions of rush events that have already passed. You’ll see photos of people who have graduated years ago. Sometimes, you’ll even see ancient relics of the past such as references to specific school years. It’s 2012. Who wants to “Rush Kappa Tau Gamma Fall 2004”?

You don’t want your website to look neglected – it looks unprofessional and can even make it appear as if your chapter has been suspended or has lost its charter.

We know what you’re thinking. I’m busy. How can I have an updated website without having to make daily posts?

Here are a few simple tips on making sure your website avoids looking dusty.

1. Use a frequently updated Twitter or Facebook feed
Using a frequently updated social feed can ensure that visitors to your website know that you are actively sharing new content. With how easy it is to update Twitter or Facebook, this is the easiest way to ensure that your website appears current.

2. Keep your calendar up-to-date
For your convenience, ChapterSpot pulls in your chapter’s recruitment events automatically into event widgets that you can place on your public website. Just schedule them using the ChapterSpot calendar and they will automatically appear on your website.

3. Avoid posting references to specific years. (Instead of “Rush Kappa Tau Gamma Fall 2004,” just say “Rush Kappa Tau Gamma.”)
A big mistake a lot of chapters make is specifically referencing school years or semesters. If you’re a fraternity, you want to build your chapter’s recruitment database all year long so don’t make any visitor feel as if they’ve missed the boat. Also, if you reference specific semesters, that’s two times a year you’ll need to update your website.


– ChapterSpot Tech Team

Every Chapter Counts

One of ChapterSpot’s goals when working with national organizations is to strengthen individual chapters, but also strengthen the relationship between the chapters and their national headquarters. In order to build a platform that does this, we have to define this relationship and find a system that benefits all parties.

To successfully complete this goal, we needed to ask ourselves certain questions: How do chapters relate to one another? How do chapters fit in within their national headquarters?  Yes, chapters in one organization share the same values and morals, but to say each chapter within the national organization is the same would be an incorrect assumption. In fact, every chapter is largely individual, has varied strengths and weaknesses and requires different aid. The common ritual and values unify these chapters, but only do so much to identify them.

Obviously headquarters cannot be successful without healthy chapters, but chapters need tools from headquarters to succeed. The relationship is forever co-dependent. So what is it you can do as a chapter leader to help nationals help you?

We identified these three features as some of the most beneficial tools for creating a successful chapter and in turn, a successful national organization.  It is up to each chapter to choose how they use these tools, allowing for a very customized user experience. Once you provide your  headquarters with this information they can more efficiently respond to your needs.

1. Recruitment

Headquarters needs to know if and how your chapter is growing. Our recruitment feature encourages each chapter member to get involved in the process of recruiting new members. ChapterSpot helps you move potential new members through the recruitment pipeline in an organized and coherent fashion, which is key to growth. Keeping track of your group’s recruitment success, with manageable lists, gives your group exact numbers and metrics to track your chapter’s progress. These numbers, large or small, are invaluable to nationals.

2. Dues Collection

How well is your chapter managing its finances? Without successful dues collections, a chapter’s programming and member retention can dwindle.  ChapterSpot lets you keep track of each member’s balance as well as all your chapter’s transactions. Not only will it be easy to keep track of your finances, but you’ll also be able to track your financial successes and shortcomings with exact numbers.

3. Alumni

Can your alumni stay successfully engaged in your chapter many years post-graduation?  What are the means of communicating with these alumni?  ChapterSpot creates this connection without an end date.  As long as an alum chooses to partake and provide updated records, they can continue to be involved in both the chapter’s happenings as well as continue their connection to their fellow alumni.  Don’t let such strong bonds end after graduation; ChapterSpot now makes it easier than ever to stay connected.

These three features, along with many others that ChapterSpot has to offer, strengthen both individual chapters as well as their entire national organization.  A chapter is like a hand of a statue; it is not complete without the rest of the statue intact. An organization is like a body: if one part of the body aches then the entire body aches.   It is therefore important to continually strengthen all parts of the organization to optimize achievement.  It just so happens ChapterSpot, after careful thought, provides each chapter with the necessary set of tools to do just that.

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Sam & Leigh


Why Group Texting is Important to Chapters

GroupMe. Facebook Messenger. textPlus. The list of technologies that allow us to communicate with groups of people seems to get longer by the day. It seems every new startup is focusing on solving the group communication problem.

And yes, it is a problem.

We at ChapterSpot believe that we have found a pretty nifty solution. The mass SMS feature of ChapterSpot has been central to our platform since our beginning, and we are excited to offer this feature to fraternities and sororities at no cost.

Mass SMS (or SMS blasts as we call them) are text messages that are sent out to a specific group of members within your organization. Want all your active members to know what time the volunteer event starts tomorrow? Send them a blast SMS and they will all receive a text message on their phones. Want your alumni to know that the Awards Banquet is a black tie event? Send them a text message to avoid any embarrassing outfit choices.

One of the unique features of SMS blasts on ChapterSpot is that only certain individuals have the power to send these messages, so you won’t have to worry about your members getting hundreds of text messages a day like with other group texting platforms.

But what if you want everyone to be able to communicate with one another? Well, we think we have a solution for that too, but we are not quite ready to show that just yet, so stay tuned!

– ChapterSpot Tech Team

Total Dues Awareness- Increasing Dues Collection with ChapterSpot

In a recent article by TJ Sullivan, he narrates the problem many Chapter Treasurers have when trying to collect dues. He reminds us of the difficult members who always seem to have an excuse or problem in paying their balances, but somehow find spending money for expensive dinner dates or Spring Break trips. These members exist in every chapter, and unfortunately, they will continue to exist.

So, what can you do to make dealing with these members a lot easier?

One of the great features of our Dues Collection services at ChapterSpot is the full integration with all of our Communication tools. We call it “Total Dues Awareness.” What this means is that every time your members receive an email message or text message from a chapter member using their ChapterSpot account, their current balance will be displayed at the bottom of the message. This Total Awareness eliminates any “dues balance ignorance,” with every member aware of their balance to the dollar at all times. The days of calling and hassling members to remind them of their balance are over.

Our platform is designed to help you increase your collections so that you can focus on the broader issues like budgeting and taking care of upcoming expenses. And with the increase in collections, you can enjoy a larger budget to plan your events. If and when you run into the dues-negligent member, you can easily rationalize any action you choose to take against them because there is no longer an excuse for their outstanding balance.

I was my chapter’s Finance Officer, and like in every chapter, I too had to deal with a couple of members who seemed to have similar situations to those mentioned in TJ’s article. Fortunately, we used ChapterSpot for our dues collections. The Total Dues Awareness saved me from the time-consuming effort of constantly reminding members of their balances, while increasing collections for my chapter.

– Posted by JD

Does Your Chapter’s Website Attract New Members?

In last week’s post, we introduced’s fivesecondtest as a tool for understanding what visitors think of your website. With the start of the school year just around the corner, it’s important to focus on how your website attracts prospective new recruits. With hundreds of fraternity websites under our belt, let us share with you our five best suggestions for making your website attract new recruitment prospects.

1. Identify your target market.
Greek organizations are often looking to attract a particular type of member. For many organizations, this “ideal member” is defined through values such as honesty, dignity, loyalty, and selflessness. The ideal member can also be defined through attributes such as athletic, creative, and intelligent. In order to begin evaluating your website, you need to identify the values and attributes of the people you want to attract.

2. Create new member personality profiles.
Start writing down descriptions of what potential new members might be like. Imagine what their hobbies are, where they like to go, what they like to do, and who they are as a person. Try to create between five and seven different profiles of individuals.

3. Identify what new members want.
Using your personality profiles as a base, identify what those potential new members would want out of your website. This is usually information such as events, philanthropies, athletic involvement, housing, etc.

4. Make sure your website has what new members want.
Once you’ve found what new members want, make sure your website both contains that information and makes it easy for those members to find. Use tools like to determine if information is readily accessible.

5. Ask your new members for suggestions.
No one knows a potential new member like a new member in your organization. Before they become assimilated with the culture of your organization, ask them to review your website and tell you what they liked or did not like, and ask them to make suggestions for improvement. By using their opinions, you’ll be creating a website that is specifically targeted for recruiting new members.

-The ChapterSpot Tech Team