Make Year-Round Recruitment Easy with ChapterSpot

The Fraternity Advisor recently posted an article highlighting tips for strengthening a chapter’s recruitment process.  The article mentioned five main points to focus on, including how to follow-up and build relationships as well as maintaining a chapter’s image.  One of the tips, “Recruit Year Round,” specifically caught our attention.  At ChapterSpot, we also believe that recruitment is not just a season, a month, or a weekend.  Recruitment is a year-round process that is most effective when it involves every member of a chapter.

So how do you keep track of possible recruits and facilitate chapter member’s involvement?

One of our focuses at ChapterSpot is to do just that: we provide an easy and efficient tool to help get as many members involved in the recruitment process.  One of the many problems often mentioned with recruitment is that many members feel their voice is not heard throughout the process or is lost along the way.  One of the great  features of ChapterSpot is to both record recruit’s interest as well as enable any member to publicize their recruitment prospects to the entire chapter.  ChapterSpot users are able to post a recruitment sign-up on their public website.  When filled out by a potential new recruit, their names are then directly sent to the chapter’s interface for all members to see.  Members can also manually add prospects to the interface, creating a profile for  that prospect.

With every member able to contribute, how can you make sure the process is organized?

Once a prospect profile is created, members can comment and add detail to the profile, once again allowing all members to get involved.  Those prospects added by members as well as chosen web application can easily be moved to the ‘selected list’ in one step.  Prospects can be easily moved to lists for those given bids and then those who have accepted bids.  Once members, you can invite them to join your chapter’s profile.

With this streamline process, chapter’s can easily enhance their member’s involvement and organization.

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